United States Department of Agriculture

   Rural Development Rural Business Cooperative Service
Rural Housing Service Rural Utilities Service Washington, DC 20250

June 28, 1999

Mr. Dennis M. Turner
Petroflex N.A., Inc.
P.O. Box 13562
228 North Weaver Street
Gainesville, Texas 76241-1356

Dear Mr. Turner:

Your application for acceptance of the P100-SDR17 series plastic guy markers has been brought to the attention of Technical Standards Committee ”A” (Electric).

The Committee found the P100-SDR17 series plastic guy marker to be acceptable. The guy marker will appear in the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) List of Material as follows:


at- Guy Marker
(Non Flame Retardant
8 Foot length

 Manufacturer                                                           Catalog Number

Petroflex                                                         P100- SDR17 series

 This acceptance does not relieve the manufacturer of any responsibility for the satisfactory performance of the item and its conformity to guarantees, specifications, or other provisions of contracts covering its sale. This acceptance is made with the further understanding that no changes in design or workmanship affecting the quality, strength, or electrical characteristics of the item will be made without the knowledge of the Technical Standards Committees.

Manufacturers that desire to mention RUS within advertising or promotiona1 literature are advised not to use ”RUS approved” but instead to state ”RUS accepted.”



Acting Chairman, Technical Standards Committee ”A”
Electric Staff Division