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Petroflex North America Ltd

Petroflex HDPE is the superior material to protect your cable investment.  Offering unmatched chemical and corrosion resistance, flexibility and durability, ease of installation with long reel lengths and reduced joining, it is the material of choice for the reliability you demand.

  • Manufactured and tested to the highest industry quality standards and third party audited when specified

  • Typical Thermal and Electrical Properties and Typical Physical Properties for Petroflex HDPE Products 

  • Smoothwall and corrugated ducts are RUS listed

  • Standard colors include Black, Gray, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Terra Cotta and White.  Custom colors available upon request. 

  • Three embedded, uniformly spaced, longitudinal stripes available on any color for additional options

  • Up to 4 colors same sized conduit on one compartmentalized reel offering you additional ease of installation as well as space and shipping economy

  • Pull tape or rope, plant prelube and preinstalled cable in conduit are other options inside the duct to make your job easier!

  • Limited Warranty

 For submittals and product specification sheets, click the product heading SPECS>, or contact your sales rep. Click here for a fully downloadable catalog.

Job specific  submittals may be requested.  Material test reports, if required, must be requested at time of order. 

Petroduct Smoothwall    SPECS>  


  • Tested and proven under the most severe conditions from extreme temperatures to abrasive and high-tension applications in underground installations

  • Provides quality service and economy in a wide range of uses

  • Smooth inner wall PetroDuct is supplied on light weight steel reels manufactured in house, or it can be supplied in coils or straight joint lengths

  • Available prelubed, with a variety of pull tape strengths preinstalled – please specify on RFQ

Sizes Available: 13mm 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 1-1/8″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/2″ 2″ 2-1/2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″

NEMA Sizes Available:  ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”

Petroflex North America Ltd

UL Listed Smoothwall  SPECS>


  • When a 3rd party listed conduit is required

  • Manufactured to UL 651B and UL 1990, all applicable ASTM standards from prime HDPE resin, and is compliant to the latest NEC Article 353

  • All other options such as color, cable preinstalled, prelube or pulltape are available

Sizes Available: 1” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B) 1-1/4” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B) 1-1/2” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-A, EPEC-B) 2” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B) 2-1/2” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B) 3” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B) and 4” (SCH40, SCH80, EPEC-B)

Petroflex North America Ltd

Petroduct™ Corrugated   SPECS>


  • Excellent friction reduction and superior flexibility in tight turns with a low coefficient of friction due to reduced surface area

  • Manufactured from quality HDPE

  • Most commonly used as innerducts to create cable raceways inside of larger duct

  • Can also be used in aerial applications as well as many general purpose applications 

  • Not intended for direct burial applications

  • Available with 1100# pull tape installed standard – empty duct or other strengths upon request

  • Exceptional stock availability & we specialize in custom cut lengths for your job

  • Quick turnaround on stock & custom lengths

Petroflex North America Ltd

Standard colors: Black (UV), Blue, Orange, Red, Gray and Green.   Additional colors available upon request (lead times and minimum order quantities will apply).

Sizes Available: 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″

Fire-Retardant HDPE  SPECS>


  • PVDF copolymer specially developed for wire and cable applications, which are very demanding with respect to fire resistance and smoke emissions

  • Suitable for riser applications

  • Tested and offered in the top class (UL94 V-O only)

  • Chemically inert to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, and alcohols. 

  • Excellent mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures as well as being abrasion resistant with a relatively low coefficient of friction

  • Not UL Listed.  Orange only.

  • The process of making fire-retardant duct eliminates UV protection and must be installed safe from exposure to natural or any other UV light.

  • Standard with 1100# pulltape preinstalled

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Sizes Available: 1″, 1-1/4″

PetroRib™  SPECS> 

  • For specialized installation of underground cable, including fiber optics

  • Provides superior friction reduction and flexibility

  • Offers maximum strength and adaptability on long pulls with numerous turns and elevation changes

  • Available prelubed, with a variety of pull tape strengths preinstalled – please specify on RFQ

  • Can be supplied in long continuous lengths on lightweight steel reels or straight joint lengths


Petroflex North America Ltd

Sizes Available: 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″.