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EASY TO USE – ProPull™ Lube is easily applied directly to the cable.  On very long or difficult pulls, the use of a sponge spreader or lubricant applicator is desirable.

LUBRICATES PLASTICS – The surfactant used in ProPull™ Lube causes the lube to completely coat and cling to HDPE cable jackets and conduit.  This characteristic, in conjunction with the viscosity of the polymer gel, helps carry the lube completely through the conduit.

NON-DRYING – ProPull™ will not dry out on long pulls or under excessive heat conditions.  The solids content is less than 0.6% where other gel cable lubes can be as much as 5.0% solids.

WILL NOT HARM CABLES – ProPull™ Lube does not contain silicone.  There is evidence silicone contributes to stress cracking of HDPE.  This contains only cosmetic grade chemical which have no effect on HDPE or other common cable sheath materials.

NON-TOXIC – ProPull™ Lube is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment. Its pH has be adjusted to neutral. 

QUANTITY – The recommended quantities of lubricant are calculated based on size and length of duct.  Since the final coefficient of friction is dependent on the type of conduit, rope, cable and lubricant, the quantities recommended are an average pull.  See spec sheet for recommendations or contact your sales/technical contact at Petroflex for additional information.

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Petroflex North America Ltd

ProPull™ Lube  SPECS>

Manufactured exclusively by Petroflex, makes every long pull a smooth one. 


  • Non-separating disbursement in all types of duct – smoothwall, corrugated or ribbed - including HDPE, PVC and fiberglass

  • Completely effective installed in extreme temperatures 20°F to 250°F

  • Will not harm conduit or cable insulation

  • Environmentally safe

  • Will not evaporate, crystallize or deteriorate

  • Long chain polymer gel, specifically developed for installation of cable

  • Can be requested as prelube in conduit during the extrusion process

  • Can be supplied in bulk sizes for field applications: 5 gallon, 1 gallon or 1 quart containers.


Preinstalled Polyester Pulltape and Rope


  • High tensile, high tenacity, low shrink meets strict requirements of all Cable In Conduit applications

  • Features a low coefficient of friction

  • Polyester pulltape is much softer, resulting in easier & more comfortable handling by linemen

  • Can be preinstalled in conduit at time of extrusion

  • Can be supplied in standard 3000’, 5000’ or 10,000’ lengths for field installation

  • Available in (tensile/lbs) 1130#, 1250#, 1800#, 2500#, 4000# or 6000#

  • Twisted polyester 5/16” rope (2500# tensile/lb) also available

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