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E-Loc® Couplings  SPECS> 

E-Loc couplings feature a strong PVC outer shell with a flexible polyurethane elastomer inner sleeve. This unique lining enables both smooth and corrugated duct to be joined together. E-Loc® couplings provide a watertight and airtight connection that will not separate under normal installation. Available in 3/4″ to 8″ standard Iron Pipe Sizes (IPS) as well as 1″ and 1-1/4″ corrugated.

Double E-Loc®  SPECS> 

The Double E-Loc® coupling was developed for joining both smooth and ribbed HDPE duct, specifically for pneumatic methods of cable placement. These duct systems require both air and watertight integrity. The joints are usually located in vaults, manholes, or hand holes, where they are unrestrained. The standard E-Loc® coupling is pressure tight to internal pressures above 200 psi when restrained or buried, but the Double E-Loc® can maintain these pressures unrestrained. The Double E-Loc® is also reusable.  Available in 1” to 4” standard IPS.

Clear-Loc® Couplings  SPECS>

The Clear-Loc® coupling is designed for easy application and allows quick installation in all types of situations, especially where tight installation conditions exist. The coupling is designed without a center stop, and the clear body allows for visual verification that the inner ducts are centered and properly aligned.  It is airtight and will hold air pressures of 150 psi when installed properly.

Electrical Terminal Adapters SPECS>

Electrical Terminal Adapters join fiber optic innerduct to assorted cabinets. Featuring a weather resistant seal that protects the innerduct and cable from kinks and cabinet termination against environmental intrusions. Hand installation; no tools required.

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Accessory Items 

We also carry a full line of

  • end caps

  • multistep caps

  • duct plugs

  • transition and termination fittings

  • repair and compression couplings

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