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Startup Procedure

  • Upon entering the building there is a breaker box behind Line 9 and next to QC office door you will need to flip breakers on to power the lights (Everything is labelled)

  • Material pumps on the wall by Line 7 need to be turned on (Turn red power switch to on position, when the screen loads press power button to turn on pumps and select which lines you want to convey by touching each line on the screen)

  • Air compressor needs to be turned on upstairs in the grindshop (Directions on how to start compressor are on the door of the compressor)

  • Turn up extruder temperature between 350-380 using the up and down arrows on all temp gauges

  • While temperatures are heating clean the lube water filters and big bubba filters

  • Check job travelers for information on materials to verify the extruder is loaded with proper virgin materials or reprocessed materials

  • Verify you have the correct rollers and rubbers if not get what you need from the toolroom, replace the parts and take the remaining parts back to the tool room

  • Setup the puller and printer with the correct print line shown on job traveler

  • Prep your starter pipe for startup (Cut, clean, dry ready to mold plastic to it)

  • Fill up water tanks by opening water valves allowing water to flow into each tank

  • When the tanks are half full close the lids and engage the vacuum and circulation pumps

  • Once extruder temperatures are ready the inside of the die needs to be cleaned with copper mesh to remove trash buildup (Wrap copper mesh around brass scraper and insert in gaps between die and pin)

  • While pushing plastic check the calibration on color machine (PPH needs to be verified first and then you can verify the calibration is correct)

  • Begin turning up the RPM slowly to push plastic paying close attention to the head pressure to not exceed 5500 pounds of pressure (3000-5500 pounds of pressure anything more you need to change the screens)

  • As the plastic begins to flow trash free (10-15 minutes), turn the extruder off and change out the screens (Every extruder we have in production runs the same screens just different outside diameter. 1-40 mesh and 2-24 mesh)

  • Now you are ready to bring the extruder up to speed and start the line

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